Thursday, June 4, 2009

THE PANTRY Now Available Through My Website

A few months ago The Pantry–Its History and Modern Uses was going to be remaindered by my publisher, Gibbs Smith. Yes, this is the sad thing that happens to most books when sales get sluggish, they've ordered too many for a printing, or they start to molder in the warehouse. The irony of being a mere several hundred dollars away from earning my first royalty check (for those who think publishing a book guarantees instant financial reward, think again!)–as well as our current recession creating a resurgence in gardening, canning, more food storage and pantry-design–was not lost on me. [However, I continue to feel blessed that I was able to publish this book and that Gibbs Smith gave me the opportunity that they did. Publishing is taking a hard hit in this internet world and economic downturn. Books and magazines and newspapers–print media is in peril. So read a book today, open a newspaper or buy your favorite magazine. (I can count at least two favorites that have gone under in the past nine months.)]

My publisher very kindly gave me an opportunity to buy the books, all clean and unmarked and still in boxes, back at a special price. Horrified at the thought of being piled in a "remaindered" stack at a bookstore near you, I decided to take action. I donned my favorite apron, rolled up my sleeves, did some figuring and freight shipping information from Utah to Kentucky, added up the cost per book for me (including freight), and decided well, I AM THE REMAINDERER and I WILL REMAIN! I've been wanting to announce this for sometime but first had to get my website updated to accommodate ordering and also figure things out like PayPal accounts (thank you to the wonderful Ronald for both!). Now I am more than delighted to send you a copy of my book–from my pantry to yours.

So I am now the primary distributor for The Pantry (I still have to look into options and how to continue that). But based on the Amazon price (which is above $11), I have reduced the original retail cost of the book considerably to $11.95 (plus shipping) and that is still a bargain for a hardbound book (most paperbacks are more). It also includes a signed copy and inscription if desired–gift-wrapping is optional–and a souvenir bookmark. [I will also offer wholesale discounts to stores and non-profits in half-case (10) or case lots (20)]

When the books arrived from UPS in late April I was delighted that it was a clear sunny break during a very rainy month. My husband, who suggested and supported my "buy back" option, was there to help unload (not to mention helping with our children and other details during the writing, production and editing of the book!). I felt like my mother when she was Girl Scout Cookie Chairman for two years in Akron, Ohio and we received boxes and boxes of cookie orders for our troop that were piled in our living room.

Look for my ads and listings in the upcoming Arts & Crafts Homes (Summer 2009: available mid-June) and the updated Old-House Design Center Sourcebook (available mid-July 2009). In the meantime, I'm going on a two-week vacation back to New England and ending it with a book signing and radio show in Akron, Ohio (more about that later). I promise more blogs from the road!

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vi said...

i had the first comments on my blog about you buying remainders of 'the pantry'
i love that book and have recommended it to many folks
if you don't mind i would like to link to your sale page
as i think it is a shame that book went out of print


Catherine said...

Hi Vi,

I would very much appreciate that! I tried to link to your blog but was unable to (I will try again). Could you remind readers what it is again?

Thank you ~


vi said...

i love your book, it is a treat to read it.
i saved for it and got it as a birthday present shortly after it was published

i recommend it to everyone as i believe that there is not one good definative book on pantries out there EXCEPT your book