Friday, May 6, 2005

Sixo de Mayo


I don't know what "six" is in Spanish but because I know it is "six" in both English and French, I'll add an "o" to the word and perhaps I'll get it right. Today is May 6, 2005 and we had a rollicking great evening with our friends and their son, who is a schoolmate and friend of one of our sons. It is rare these days that we connect with anyone fun and interesting in our limited world and I'm so glad to have met these friends.

Because it is the day after Cinquo de Mayo we had a Mexican feast: stuffed green chili peppers with pepperjack cheese baked in an egg souffle, chicken and beef fajitas, chicken enchiladas with green chili and baked in heavy cream (mmm, mmm, that's right...and doused with cheese), and a vegetarian rice dish with various ingredients. All of my recipes were out of the beautifully illustrated (and great recipes, too) book, HEART OF THE HOME (I'll double check that) by Susan Branch. I love her books and that she has managed to create a cottage industry by illustrating her life and recipes and ideas into one package...and live on Martha's Vineyard year round.

A "beau" friend of my daughter's surprised her at the house today, back visiting his family up the road for a few days, and that also put a smile on everyone's face as he is well-liked among our family. Some Cole Porter and then Talking Heads playing quietly in the background, three boys playing happily together while the elders yabbered until almost 9:30...a lovely time.

On a book or blog-related note, a local editor (I sent her my blogsite info) is thinking of doing an article on local bloggers in a few months and is interested in mine. Oddly, a woman who was featured in the BUSINESS WEEK article on blogging lives just up Main Street from me. Small world-small town-small universe. Meanwhile, Franklin & Esther Schmidt's new book VICTORIAN KITCHENS & BATHS is soon to come out (also from Gibbs Smith) and my chapter on Victorian pantries is included. They contacted me about some upcoming book launch parties they're planing--one is in New York City. I might just hop on Amtrak and go...

I've left the Mexican glassware to wash up in the morning and most of the kitchen is presentable. A few odd dishes to do [NOTE: our friends Edie and Jeff were raving about their new dishwasher--in two drawers! A must check-into as our Bosch is almost 8 years old and could use some oomph or replacing]. Nothing that can't wait.

Black flies are out. A long winter is over.

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