Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Longest Day The Best Day

Ok, it really was perfect. The balmy, not too humid weather (and sun for a change!), the chorus of our two boys swimming in our blow-up pool from Wal-Mart with their two friends, the sheltering shade of our Martha Stewart patio set from K-Mart on the cool bluestone tiles of the patio, my friend Edie making us laugh. Later on, post pool-side (well pool view) hamburgers on the grill and pasta salad and other fixings, a nice hour-long loll on a floating thing around the 18 feet of the 3.5' deep blow-up pool! And nice and brown and rested at that--I could feel the Vitamin D penetrating my pores.

Then off to Casey J's for dinner (see April archives) where we feasted on a number of things (make mine Lobster Roll!) and took some Key Lime Pie to go**, then a quick toot through Wal-Mart for summer items (more boys shorts, flip flops, pool lozenges or something which I'll let the hubby handle), and a ride home as the sun was setting, frogs were croaking, and dew beginning to fall and cool the land.

A great orb of orange moon rose in the sky and followed us home. The boys gleeful in the chase, the realization as we hit the driveway that it was indeed the longest day of the year and the first day of summer with promise of many more days like this one, perhaps, to come. A time for less structured days, no school, visiting friends and being out in the world, out of doors, in the garden, at the pond...less a time for writing and reflecting.

Welcome Summer! Delicous summer! Please stay a while...

**Imagine, one woman sent hers back because it wasn't green! Has anyone ever seen green lime juice? Especially from Key Limes? I don't think so...this was a marvelous thick and custardy pie with the right tart bite of key lime juice and sugar, supported by just the right thickness of graham cracker crust. Delightful...


Anonymous said...

Catherine -- As a Florida girl I can tell you that one way to check out a restaurant is to ask what color the Key lime pie is -- if it is any color except pale yellow don't eat there. Key lime pie is made from sweetened condensed milk and lime juice (and it actually doesn't matter if you use ordinary Persian limes although I preached for years that it did...) You know you can make a great pie crust with smashed albino oreos or Vienna creme cookies instead of graham crackers. Ivy

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