Saturday, October 1, 2005

Three Hundred Channels and Nothing On

My friend Edie was right. Don't do it--don't get Direct TV! So far I am unimpressed. We have been living with an antenna for five years and had cable for only a few before that. Cable was limited and expensive and we found our daughter was becoming glued to MTV at the impressionable age of ten. Our antenna got all of the basic Boston channels but with haphazard clarity. We like certain programs and we like old movies--we've hardly been going to the video store at all. In fact, I can't remember when I was last in there. Besides, we watch very little television at all in the summer.

For some reason, Direct TV began to seem appealing. Lots of program offerings, local channels still included, a fairly reasonable monthly premium--if you don't get all of the movie channels--and some friends couldn't stop talking about TeVO. (I admit, while I haven't yet "TeVoed" anything, I have paused a critical scene in an old BONANZA episode for twenty minutes while my son went outside to see something.)

I'll report back more on this new technology. I know my boys are watching way too many cartoons. I'm still watching the shows I would have watched any way, mostly on network TV...although I have to confess to liking BREAKING BONADUCE on VH-1, a new reality show about Danny Bonaduce, former child star, and his unraveling life and marriage. Pathetic really--truly Gladiator TV at its finest hour. Next we will be watching people on death row.


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