Saturday, January 7, 2006

Wierd Blogging Comments

Now I know they must have a software program that looks for Keywords in blogs, but really, getting a "Gee, I really like your Blog! I can relate to everything you are saying! So, check me out at DAN'S CARPET WORLD, ok? Keep blogging!" makes my blood curl. Now the burden is on me to go through each blog posting and selectively delete these advertorials--bloggertorials? Whatever they are I'm hoping someone has invented a software to prevent them.

Blogs are being used to advertise. I just "blog because I am". It is a great place to write and the fact that a few people actually read it and comment on occasion--genuinely comment!--makes my day!

So I promise I will sort through the 18 Comments left with a blog and will hope I find the diamond in the rough: the words from one who takes the time to be here--a true reader.

Thank you!


J said...

you can eliminate the auto-posters by changing your settings in the blog...require the security word

Catherine said...

How do I do that? Thanks for sharing this...would this mean all readers would need security word? I'd appreciate knowing how to do this or where to start!

Many thanks! Catherine

Jodes said...

yeah I hate those too.