Friday, August 17, 2007

Wired for Sound with "A Chef's Table"

Yesterday I was interviewed at WEVO, 89.1FM, our New Hampshire Public Radio station, for several upcoming programs of "A Chef's Table" out of public radio station, WHYY, 91FM, in Philadelphia. Several years ago I e-mailed a cookbook author named Lari Robling who wrote the excellent and informative ENDANGERED RECIPES, which I highly recommend. It turns out, she is also Akron born and bred and we exchanged several e-mails and she asked that I send her a copy of THE PANTRY when it was out (and so we did).

Program host chef Jim Coleman called in and interviewed me via a live feed at WEVO, which was taped for future editing. He asked some great questions and I was at ease in this sound-proof control room despite all of the wires, microphone and headphones (I actually prefered it to talking on the phone!). Andrew, the engineer, made everything go smoothly on our end and it was a wrap, as promised, within a half hour.

I felt a comfortable dialogue with Chef Coleman. However, when he asked me what I had in my own food pantry, rather than rave about all of the great baking products and jars of jams and preserves and applesauce that we spent a lot of time putting up last fall, all I could think of was Skippy peanut butter, cocoa crispies and polenta! A real brain freeze on that one. He taped me for three segments: one on the pantry as a room in the American home, one on the pantry in literature, and another on the wartime pantry. These will be edited into three programs of "A Chef's Table"-possibly in September.

I will be providing links--and audio feeds--on my website when I have more information. In the meantime, check the A Chef's Table website and stay tuned!


Heather said...

I'll be anxious to hear the links when they're up! I'm especially interested in the War-time pantry. When we lived in Scotland, I never tired of asking the older folks about life (and food) during the war years.

Anonymous said...

To the person looking for the salt amt. for butterscotch buns....I am at work now but if you would like to email me at I will send you the whole recipe as I have the cookbook.