Thursday, December 27, 2007

Last Snow

Today, after a lovely lunch with two dear New Hampshire friends, a morning send-off with my daughter and mother (who kindly took her granddaughter home to her college town nest, a reminder of when my mother did the same for me), and a bit of a weep, I came home in softly falling winter snow. It has been a snowy December.

It is probably the last snow our boys will see for a while, given that the Kentucky climes are in the 50s all week and snow is rare in the part of the state where we will be living. Certainly not of the great scope of an old-fashioned New England winter that we seem to be experiencing.

Temple and I spoke of our "Turbo Christmas" and the busy month of seeing family, friends, transitioning from school, and the loss of two friends (oh yes, and packing, more packing, always packing, it seems!). Now I think we're ready to leave with our wagon train in the morning. A clear day is promised. Westward HO!

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