Sunday, February 10, 2008

Extra Credit: Don't Bother Mommy!

This weekend our family holed up and largely recovered from--or endured--various forms of flu. The boys were home for two days from school at the end of last week and we had "make up" work to do. Because of the way their curriculum is set up, it was not hard to "homeschool" with them today. With minimal cooking, visiting out of the question, and Dad's turn for quiet and rest, I enjoyed a day with the boys. [As I had been given a 36-hour "coma pass" myself, while he held things together--from which I emerged refreshed and lucid again--all is really fair in love and flu.]

Every week the boys have a spelling list of words to memorize. For some reason, as I was calling them out to Henry to spell before his make-up quiz, they just seemed like they would work well together in a story. Here is the result, including his own mischievous embellishments which make it as much his story. I told him to bring it to his teacher tomorrow for extra credit. We'll see if she gets our sense of humor--or not! [The 12 spelling list words are in bold face.]

NOTE: While most of these events are true, names have been changed to protect the innocent.

My mother is happiest in the kitchen. She wears her work clothes and sometimes her apron is untied.

We knocked the apricot jam on the floor and it was everywhere.

Please, children, enough! Get into the ‘time out’ corner, now!” said Mother.

“Alright, we will, Mother!” we answered with a grin.

[Above image from Kitchen Kitsch--Vintage Food Graphics by Jim Heimann, Taschen: 2002]


Ladyfromthewoods said...


It is good to hear that you are all on the mend now. You sure were missed at Bunkco! I worried then prayed for you as the storms went through last week. Hopefully you didn't receive any property damage or worse. Cute story, boys!

LBP said...

What a great way to remember spelling words! Wish I had thought about that when my son was younger.


a Cupcake near you! said...

What a great idea, Catherine. I hope you make this a feature of your blog!
(Maybe the next story will be about a big dog named Lucy and a gnome...?)


Cat said...

I would give extra credit for that!!! Awesome Job! What a great way to work on spelling words! Catherine...welcome to home schooling! ;O)

I sent you a little surcee today and it should arrive in the next day or two. :o)

xo Cat

Rose said...

I'm spreading the love around today, so I've blogged about you and your lovely blog. I enjoy visiting you when ever I can!