Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Morning is glad on the hills...

Tree on Hopeful School Road, Pulaski County, Kentucky

Morning is glad on the hills.
The sky sings in blue tones.

Little blue fleurs are early blooming now.

I do so like blue.

It is glad everywhere.

When I grow up I am going to write a book

about the glad of blues.

The earth sings in green.

from Opal by Opal Whiteley
[Opal's journal arranged and adapted by Jane Boulton, Macmillan Publishing Co, Inc.: 1976]

We are reading this enchanting book, compiled from bits of journals and blank verse that Opal Whiteley wrote as a young girl, with the Cupcakes this month. When I opened the book this morning, my first book selection on my new library card from the new Pulaski County Library, it fell upon this passage.

It has been a busy few weeks and many "must blog" moments have gone unrecorded. Spring is coming to the ridge and that is always hopeful. I will try to blog more frequently here now that I am settled again (but sometimes my interest is divided between blogs!).

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Anonymous said...

Love, love the pix!!! You are so talented! Tah! LT