Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hi there ~ great time in Akron and I need to write down some highlights (many you will find over on Cupcake Chronicles). I realize it is getting harder with the spring here, and gearing up to head back to New England for a few months, to find the time to blog, let alone write. But I'm also writing/writing (meaning "writing for paycheck," although random) and getting my next book topics together.

I've realized, also, in the past few weeks that I don't take enough time to read other people's blogs. Several of my friends have blogs, too, and I come across many blogs I'd like to read more regularly but that I never seem to find again. Cat gave me a great tip for how to keep a running list of blogs to check, but of course, I've already forgotten how to do that. She is blog-Queen and even used to publish a magazine in her spare time. My blog is already so "busy" in the sidebar columns that I am reluctant to add a "Blogs I Read" column but perhaps it is time (and that would solve the "where do I keep a list of other bloggers that I read?" conundrum).

It's not that I don't want to read other people's blogs, it's just that I need to make the time to do that. Like everything else, I suppose, it is all in the organization and time management of what we do or choose to do. For example, right now I should be organizing my office and getting stuff ready to bring in the car next week. I am also supposed to be finalizing a book proposal. I use the internet for a lot of research and quick checks but when it comes time to sit there and read something on line, I find it a bit more difficult for the old eyes to do too much. So I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank those of you who read my blog(s) and who also take the time to leave such thoughtful posts.

Keep checking back from time to time and I might just surprise you. Otherwise, I expect I will be a more regular blogger again when the kids return to school in August (yes, down here they go to school from early August to mid-May: I think I will get used to it only because right now it feels like June...but I imagine August in Kentucky feels like, well, August in Kentucky!).

In the meantime, enjoy your summer (or winter, down in Australia and environs ; ) ~


Meredith said...

Do you use a feed reader like Bloglines?

It's the ONLY way I can drop in on Internet friends with any regularity.

You can sort all your favorite links into folders, even grouping a few links set aside for each day of the week.

Bloglines does all the work of "catching" the new posts for you. When you have time, all you do is click on the Bloglines folder or link, and everything is right there ready to read!

Enjoy your spring.

Catherine Seiberling Pond said...

Thanks, Meredith. Yes, that's the one, now that I think about it, that my friend Cat recommended I use.

Of course, now to find the time to check it out, figure it out, and set it up! But I will definitely plan on that.

Take care! Catherine

Rose said...

Hello, Catherine. I love coming to your blog and finding a new post. They are always so thoughtful and so clear that I can often picture it all in my mind, though I've never seen the places or people that you describe.

Life is so busy at times that I often start to feel that I will never find the time to do all of the things that I'd like to do in this lifetime. As farmers and ranchers we live by the seasons and there are none that are especially slow. I just wanted to say that absence of blog posts does not discourage me from stopping by even if it's not frequent for me either. Good luck with your work load and I'll check back as often as possible to see if you have surfaced.