Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HOLY FRENCH COOKING, BATMAN! Strange Face Seen at Bottom of Le Crueset Pot!

Caramelized Jello© chocolate pudding mix or freakish portent baked on enamelware? You decide!

What does this mean? I burned some pudding mix on the bottom of my Le Creuset pot yesterday (yes, I turned on the burner, added the mix and forgot to add the milk right away...that will teach me to make it from a box). When I went to wash it today--yes, today--behold, a vision! But what is it?

Oddly enough, the image looked best, and even more freaky,
when 3-D enhanced under running water.

I soaked the pot a bit and then poured the water off and before soaking it again, there was this odd form that looks like a face. It does not appear Biblical in nature. I don't believe it is anyone I know. That weird face on Mars? Julia Child or Emily Post crying out about my life in abject squalor?

I just hope that the folks at Le Creuset do not find out and charge me with expensive-enamel-French-pot abuse! "Idiot!" I can hear them saying. "Cet Americaine est stupide!"

Maybe I should contact my new favorite supernatural show, Paranormal State on A&E. However, I have likely missed my chance as they were just in nearby Russell Springs at an alleged haunted home. As their opening credits state: "We are students. We are seekers. And sometimes (long pause), we are warriors." I guess I'll just have to brave this one alone.

[NOTE: This post appeared, slightly altered, in its original form at Cupcake Chronicles, our book group blog, where we all-too-frequently depart from things literary...]

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