Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yes, this is also a Food blog!

Greetings and welcome to those recent readers who have found me via a very nice "Five Random Blogs" posting from Foodie Blogroll (or scroll down at my blog sidebar, at left) the other day. While I most often write about food in more of a second-hand way, as well as food-related and pantry-related pursuits (yes, I suppose even chickens and gardens are food-related), I do also post the occasional recipe and will try to do that more frequently.

For example, I've been a long-time browser at and have used many recipes there (as I no longer subscribe to Gourmet--however, I do still buy it in the market on occasion--I was delighted to find that they, and other, food magazines post recipes here). The other day I decided to sign up as a member of the site (free). That night for dinner I had made a succulent--for lack of a better word--rendition of orange-soy-braised pork ribs (substituting boneless beef ribs for pork and I braised them first in the pan on the stove top before baking them as directed--ah, the braise!). Rather than rewrite the recipe here I have linked to it with my comments/changes. I posted my comments on that recipe here (as "PantryGal" of course). I do enjoy tweaking recipes to fit. This will be a future favorite in our house. Next time I will try it with pork and fresh ginger but I suspect that beef will be preferable most of the time.


dan said...

You have a good blog.

willow said...

Ribs are "it" this week!! :)

Catherine said...

Ribs rule!