Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Little Update In the Pantry

The little cottage behind the tree was the "summer house" behind the farmhouse in Missouri where our Old Order Mennonite friends Anna and Melvin used to live. It was originally designed as a summer kitchen away from the house for hot summer days. Wouldn't it make an adorable garden shed, guest house, writer's room or cottage? I want one!

Hello pantry fans and blog readers! I'm back from a six day trip to Missouri, highlighted by a stay in an Old Order Mennonite farmhouse, near Versailles, a trip to the Laura Ingalls Wilder farm at Rocky Ridge, as well as a stop at Baker Creek Seeds' Spring Festival (both in Mansfield). I just posted a rather lengthy blog at our book group blog, Cupcake Chronicles, all about Laura Ingalls Wilder and my morning at Rocky Ridge. You might enjoy it until I blog here about a few other topical things...including more about Laura's home, kitchen, and the pantries she had (elsewhere) and wrote about...soon!

I also have some news to share and, as usual, lots of topics (and photos) that I want to blog about here. With all the rain we've been having around here I predict sooner than later.

I'm also "trying out" Twitter. I don't know if it will stick or not. But it might help me to articulate things in 160 words or less. We'll see. If you want to follow me at Twitter, I've added a feed in the column at left. Kind of silly, really. But might be worth a try, at least.

Happy May!



a Cupcake near you! said...

Versailles? Curious how that is pronounced in MO. What fun you had this trip in the springtime -- those beautiful Iris.

Speaking of Twitter, I'm told there's a very funny John Cleese piece about Twitter -- don't know if it's through Twitter or Youtube but it sounds like he's in his usual top form.

My word verification below is bleratic. Sort of sums it up, doesn't it? Last favorite word along these lines was branksome (a kind of English china). This rain makes me feel branksome but that may be because my housekeeping is so bleratic. You should see the pantry.

Catherine said...

Versailles is pronounced exactly as it is here in KY: verSAILS!

I will look for John Cleese's Twitter piece. It is a very silly concept. Thought I'd try it but perhaps Facebook is enough.

Bleratic--definitely good with this relentless rain. Kind of like "choleric" or "sclerotic," don't you think?

I miss a good pantry...right now it's in closets and cupboards and no cohesion. I'm thinking we need to channel real estate thoughts into small farmhouse building, permanence. Hunkering in.


a Cupcake near you! said...

More like "Blech" meets "erratic"

By the way, did you know ants don't like bay leaves? We have some scattered in Le Pantry right now for that reason. Tis the ant season here.

Terry said...

Oh how wonderful for you !
I have always wanted to go to Mansfield and see Laura's Rocky Ridge inspiration.
thanks for sharing on your blog.
A summer kitchen how simply awesome .
Have a blessed week.