Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chasing Down the Moon: Part 3

This is one concert tour I've always regretted missing as I had a chance to see Kate Bush, who I had never heard of until the spring of 1979, at the New Theater in Oxford, England while living there for a month as an exchange student in high school. [I did nab tickets to Elton John's "A Single Man" tour which was brilliant and just he and the piano and a few back-up players, in a small theater setting.] If you know Kate Bush and her brilliant music, it was her one and only tour, ever. Imagine that in this age of stadium sell-outs?

Last night's third and final "moon chase" turned out to be another bust, well at least photographically. I saw the moon rise, at 6:54 (I checked in advance this time), and it was indeed a giant orange pumpkin cookie low on the horizon for a bit and then veiled in strange black clouds. Of course, all attempts to photograph it were futile but I was reminded in these images of Kate Bush's performance art-style rendition of "Kite" on this clip from a Hammersmith Odeon concert in 1979 (of which I've watched many clips over the years).

"Come up and be a kite,
On a diamond flight!
A diamond kite, a diamond kite.
Ooh, what a diamond!
A diamond kite
On a diamond flight.
Over the lights, under the moon.
Over the lights, under the moon.
Over the moon, over the moon!"
~ Kate Bush, Kite

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