Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions-Why Not?

I'm trying to resolve to do things all the year round but I love a clean slate so why not go public about it?
  • Children–More present and in the moment with our boys and more letters and visits with our daughter.
  • Communication–I want to be in better touch with people and I don't mean via email or Facebook: a letter or note, visit, tea, lunch, dinner party, or phone call (will take some work as I hate the phone). Consolidate: two basic cell phones and no land line more practical? (especially with satellite internet expense)
  • Computer–I will try to be on the computer for work or play only when my children are at school or asleep.
  • Cupcakes–Be a better book group (and blog) participant!
  • Exercise–More of it. Enough said. And let's start with walking all over this beautiful farm of ours as much as possible.
  • Family/Friends–See Communication, above.
  • Farm–Develop a working plan with my husband. What are we doing and when? A girl's gotta know these things.
  • Farmhouse–Same deal, even if it will be on paper for a while.
  • Food–Continue to eat only when hungry, not depriving myself but not going overboard, either. Balance indulgences with sprees of great health and limits. Be more proactive about menu planning.
  • Garden–Plan what can easily be tended and managed and remember the bounty in the next county. [No, I did not intend for that to rhyme!]
  • Hormones–Need I say more? Can't live with them, can't kill them. Continue to explore this new realm of sight and sound.
  • Houses-in-Order–This is a literal as much as figurative goal of mine...and on-going, always. Pick up, put away or pitch. Repeat. Clean often (yes, more often than I think).
  • Laundry–Laundry, laundry, LAUNDRY! And while we're on the subject, how about those two baskets full of ironing? (I should see it as a chance to catch up on all of those taped Barefoot Contessa and Dr. Oz episodes...)
  • Marriage–More time to pause and plan together.
  • Past Issues–Burn 'em or bury 'em; reconcile 'em or write about 'em.
  • Photos–Organize, copy, scan, duplicate, share (same with all family archives).
  • Recreation–Literally, "recreate": more reading and day trips and family pauses together.
  • Restaurants–Once in a while, like once a month in Lexington. Really. Home cooking so much better (and cheaper) and we have all of those freezers and stuff.
  • Sleep–While I seem to require less these days, no one is well served by my regular 2-4am bedtimes. So, I will try to be more of a morning person by going to sleep before midnight!
  • Song–Join the Pleasant Hill Shaker Singers in March and sing my little heart out several times a year, and maybe dance a bit, too (even if in costume).
  • Spirit–More "morning time" and find a church that moves and inspires and is good for the family.
  • Volunteer–Do more for others and more often. Find a niche and commit to it.
  • Writing-for-Blogs–More often or when inspired, but don't let it get in the way of other writing, too. Be more bloggy, if possible, and less of an essayist! (Save that for the books.)
  • Writing-in-General–Pick a project and work on it. Make a year plan. Prioritize. Enough of these ADD-driven snippets. Follow through!
  • Writing-for-Hire–Generate regular articles in a variety of new and old media and while we're at it, let's market those cases of books that are in storage to some museums and gift shops.
So there it is, everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. It helps to write it all down and be accountable, even if I forget to check the list from time to time.

Thank you, always, for visiting me here in the pantry!

Happy New Year to you and yours and may 2010 be all that you hope and dream.

Enjoy the rare New Year's Eve "Blue Moon" wherever you are. A great way to start a new decade and by New Year's Day it will already be waning again.



AC said...

Hey, Catharine...just wanted to let you know that your blog is one of my happier discoveries of 2009. And have you seen Gretchen Rubin's blog The Happiness Project (new book has just come out also). I've been reading her all year on I usually hate anything self-help related, and being of a gloomy temperament myself I'm inclined to resent the shiny, happy people of the world. But I was really she presents it, the quest to live a happier life really is a measurable project. And I like how she taps into the "wisdom of the ages" in more than just a snappy quote-deep way. I swear I'm not a publicist for her publisher! But I'm planning to pick up her book and try to create a Happiness Project for myself in 2010...going to be a big year as I lose my job to outsourcing and cast about for a new life. Happy New Year!

Catherine said...

Dear AC,

I know you have posted before and I so enjoy your comments. Thank you for this one.

We've been reading Barbara Ehrenreich's BRIGHT-SIDED at our Cupcake bookgroup/blog and it has provoked a lot of thought and discussion (so far only via email but we want to blog). Also, driving to do some errands today I was listening to the end of a piece on NPR with Daniel Gilbert on his books STUMBLING on HAPPINESS.

I am also fascinated by how our culture will turn towards nostalgia during hard times or periods of great change or turmoil, eg. the Depression, and certainly now.

It is a concept that I've been thinking about a lot at midlife: what makes me happy, what makes me unhappy, and also how I want to live my life for the rest of it. I've struggled a lot, and more than I've realized until recently, with depression over the years. And yet, despite those prolonged and murky stretches, I still remain positive and "glass half full" in my thinking. It is almost a profound sadness within the joy, if that makes any sense. So now, rather than fight off the gloom, I tend to welcome it, for short visits, and then I dwell in it and move on and I am better for it.

I believe in positive thinking but also believe that we have to back those good thoughts with well-thought and kind actions: to ourselves and to others.

All best for 2010 and thank you,