Monday, January 25, 2010

A Note about IN THE PANTRY

I will be doing some needed blog cataloging in the next few weeks–going back into the huge archive of posts at In the Pantry (over 300 now) for almost the past five years (hard to believe, really). This year is about archiving–and new projects–on so many levels, not just at my blog. But here "in the pantry" I will be doing some reorganizing and reconsidering labels for archiving and also giving many earlier posts links and labels. Back in the early day of this blog you couldn't do certain format things or links without understanding HTML formats. Also, photos were limited by size and other factors.

While I want to tidy up, I know I will be tempted to edit my earlier blog posts and will only do so if there is a glaring error. Otherwise, apart from maybe italicizing or providing a link or two within the posts, or making a consistent format change, I will leave them alone. [After all, we can't really go back and rewrite a journal, can we?]

It's been a great journey and I often consider moving this blog to another location (like Wordpress) or leaving this one here and starting another blog that has more to do with our new lives and journey here in Kentucky (to include pantries and recipes, of course).

But then I am just lured back to my familiar, to the pantry, and I'm comfortable with that place. And yet, new horizons or formats always beckon. If I did depart from this site, I would still keep this one in place and perhaps add something pantry-related to it from time to time but move all other future posts to a different blog and format. I would certainly want you to come along for the ride, too.

In the meantime, as I have valued everyone's reading and comments through the past five years, I would appreciate your thoughts on this idea. [You are also welcome to email me privately at] Would you prefer to stay here In the Pantry and visit occasionally to see if there is a pantry-related post or to also visit newer pastures along with me?


Anonymous said...

Where you go, I will follow... Destiny D.

Meredith said...

I'll follow along with pleasure, here or there.

Make sure you know that you can now batch label posts in Blogger. I learned this the hard way after doing 1000 posts individually.

Erica said...

Catherine, I too will follow you where ever you go. I seem to know the feeling your having about your blog as well. I recently started a new blog, I felt like I needed a change of scenery...I wanted to do something different with a new blog, that I have Im starting to feel like I just want to go back to my old blog and combine them, I dont know, maybe it was a phase I was going through. Maybe a little change here will do you some good as well. Either way, I will follow, as I just joined your facebook group the other day:) (even though I dont have your book yet)I love the idea of your book and your writings here as well! Erica

Nan said...

I've heard about people switching to wordpress or typepad but never understood why. I simply could not be happier than I am with blogger. I can change my template, colors, blog header with ease. I can rearrange my blog home without having to get a new one. :<) I have a hard time when people have more than one blog. I like to go to someone's blog and read their thoughts on whatever they might want to write about that day, but I rarely go to second or third blogs of people.

Catherine said...

I appreciate your comments about this. What I like about Wordpress is that you can have tabs for different topics (say, if you post a lot of recipes) or perhaps a "welcome" essay on its own tab/page that won't get buried by newer posts, or, maybe a tab/page about books you are reading or recommend. I'm looking at this both as a blog and as an easy-to-update stream of info about published writings, etc. (but keeping the blog on the front page). My website was designed by someone and every time I want to update it, I have to pay him.

Nan, I understand your thoughts about this. IN THE PANTRY was started as a back story to the book and has morphed so much that I'm considering options and new directions (and would still "update" the pantry blog on occasion with a specific pantry-related post or PR).

Nothing I'm going to jump into any time soon...

Best, Catherine

Anonymous said...

I, too, will read wherever you write. - Goodwife H.

Mrs. Arrow said...

Count me in as a follower, just let me know where to jump to.
Happy New Year!
(Formerly in Louisville, now back in NYC. Can't beat KY for beautiful scenery!)

Anjanette said...

Love your book - and just found your blog! Will be checking back for updates!

prashant said...

I will follow, as I just joined your facebook group the other day

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