Saturday, May 29, 2010

Still here!

Our youngest son, Eli, recently turned ten.
Greetings and salutations to everyone here in the pantry! I just wanted to chime in, briefly, during a very busy season to say that I'm still here but not so much on the computer these days. Our daughter visited for two lovely weeks this month, between resort seasons, and we've been doing our first cut of hay on many acres (and our first time doing our own hay). I've realized it is not only a busy and complicated process, especially around the weather, but I'm often getting a hearty noon meal for a hungry group of men––and supper, too. And the laundry: don't get me started! [But it is so worth it just to see both of our boys driving around farm equipment and moving large round bales across our fields like seasoned farmers! What better way to spend their long summer vacation which started in mid-May?] As for our house, well, let's just say it needs a major fix of something. [And the power head on our vacuum is broken...truly, it is!]

Picnics on the west porch at Ida's
are de rigueur this summer.
Fortunately, I've been able to cater farm meals out of the kitchen in the house that we've decided to fix up to live in––across the road from us at Ida's farm. This has been a blessing to me this summer: the more commodious kitchen, the wide west porch outfitted with our old and sturdy picnic table (from my great-grandmother's picnics of long ago––in fact, it had not even been used since Ohio barbecue days in the backyard). We will retrofit the house this fall and winter to my hatching plans: simple but workable.

Our daugher Addie with her Momma.
While our daughter was staying there, and as we used it to cater our second "frolic" (for a hay shed-raising), it has provided me with a major architectural epiphany. There is also a great feeling to the place and that aura––as well as the cooling breezes even on the hottest days (the house actually stays quite cool on its own)––is important to me and to all of us. I also like to be at the center of things at the farm rather than cooped up in this bread box of a doublewide in the woods across the street. I know Ida would approve of this plan.

Local Kentucky strawberries are so worth waiting for each spring.
Henry, 12 1/2, has become an expert tractor driver and young man-about-the-farm.

My husband Temple–out standing in his field.
I've also been rethinking blog life in general. I do want to continue "In the Pantry," and will, but I'm also developing another blog at this time that will be more current with my life now––even though pantries and food and family and home are always a part of this great life. Stay tuned for more on this and an official launch date sometime this summer. In the meantime, I am writing and working on some new projects and I do find that blogging and writing for publication can not always intermingle effectively at the same time.

I owe all of you a glimpse into pantry essay winner Carolyn MacDonald's pantry, and will post her photographs very soon.

In the meantime, have a great Memorial Day weekend and enjoy the official start of summer ~

My very best always,


PS I also have a lot of new chickens, too. Will share photos soon of the new brood...and "the frolic" and oh so many things.


Anonymous said...

Temple is definitely "outstanding in his field".

Yosemite Cat House

Mary said...

I so enjoyed my visit here. I'm new to your site and spent some time playing catch up. I really love what you do here and will be back often to see what you've been up to. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Catherine said...

Cat lady, you have that right!

Mary, I have been enjoying your blog, too, which we discovered via our Cupcake blog at -- that shrimp and corn recipe has been tucked away for fresh corn season here in Kentucky.

Enjoy your summer and thank you!