Friday, June 18, 2010


Fresh local strawberries! Our season here in Kentucky lasts about three weeks in May.
I do know what you're probably thinking: didn't this woman just say she wasn't blogging for a while? Perhaps it is just crazy Summer Solstice energy fueling my peripatetic moods but, you see, I'm always open to suggestions, great ideas, and new ways of seeing the world. One of our readers here (Destiny, thank you!) has suggested that I just post a photo from time to time and not worry so much about writing. Brilliant! [Of course, I've probably already babbled on too much.]

So here's my plan: throughout the summer I'll post photos with captions, at the very least, and if I am able to write more, I'll do that, too. It works for me. [I have to say that I am so very pleased with Blogger's recent tweaks to ways of blogging, especially in the new ease of uploading, posting and editing photographs. They have come so far in the past five years in terms of self-design options.]

Organic black raspberries from the local Casey County Produce Auction have been frozen for muffins and for homemade black raspberry ice cream that I'm planning for a Father's Day cookout on Sunday.

My first attempts, ever, at making ice cream, and using our local strawberry finds! Last month I purchased a Sunbeam® ice cream maker for under $30 at Target in Lexington [now it is on sale for even less than I paid. It is electric and makes a gallon in about one hour. Loads of fun (but I didn't realize it would require loads of heavy cream to make it: yikes!)


a Cupcake near you! said...

Welcome back! I LOVE the photo of you as a child; that is just wonderful. And berries, berries, berries, oh my. Thanks for a great blog!

Anonymous said...

My caption to this post would simply be "YUM." You inspired me with your pictures so we'll be having strawberry shortcake tomorrow. My family thanks you in advance... Destiny

willow said...

Oh yummers!! I've pondered getting an ice cream maker for years and now maybe I will!