Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Nice Nod to Pantries ~ and THE PANTRY

© Catherine Seiberling Pond
The Pantry––Its History and Modern Uses was mentioned (and quoted) in an article called "Tips on Designing a Pantry" in the Winter 2009 issue of New Old Houses [through the wonders of the internet, I am only now discovering this article as it was just posted on line]. You will find to be an invaluble resource for all of your old house questions.

Thank you for the informative tribute to pantries, Jennifer Sperry!


Angela Bell said...

Nice post but where have you gone? all the best Angela

Catherine said...

Hi Angela -- I will try to email you, also, but these days, since January, I've been blogging here:

Although I will continue to post the occasional pantry-related post here from time to time.

Thanks for reading and all best to you!