Monday, April 16, 2007

Holding the Book

There is nothing like the thrill of cutting open a box of books that you have written and then first seeing the book, holding it and opening it for the first time. I have not had that kind of elation since I wrote my first article in a magazine. It is hard to describe. No one but my editors had seen it, just a few things here and there (like the cover), not even my husband. I wanted it to be a complete finished product before anyone saw it.

Advance copies are being sent to media outlets--but it will not be in stores until late May. My website, will be launched by the end of the week.

Perhaps the other most gratifying moment of the day was when my oldest son Henry gave me a big hug at bedtime. "I love you Momma," he said, "And I'm so proud of your book."

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