Thursday, April 19, 2007

My website is up and I have Ronald Gehrmann to thank for that at for all of his hard work--but seemingly effortless (from my end of things)--on its design. You can read more about THE PANTRY book, an excerpt, and some other tidbits at [or you can also link to my site if you type]

What is amazing about the internet is that I e-mailed him my copy and photo attachments, we spoke on the phone briefly a few times, and the rest just sort of emerged before my eyes over the course of a few days. Once he had the template done, the rest was just a manner of tweaking. I had parked my site at and Ronald handled all of the uploading when the design was complete. Within a half hour, we were official.

I connected with Ronald in a strange sort of way: I was trying to find websites that I liked (after contacting a few web designers and getting prices of $1,000 and upwards of over $5,000). I didn't have time to learn HTML so I found a local publisher's website, liked it, and saw who designed it (Ronald). Then I contacted him.

Not only did he call me the next day from his vacation in Germany but it became clear that his vision of a simple uncluttered design--as well as liking other websites he had designed (that appear on his own site)--matched what I was trying to articulate for myself. Add to that the incredible value of his time and I had found the perfect web designer.

Ronald used to live in New Hampshire and decided to make a change and moved to New York. I can't say enough great things about working with him. He also is a Mac consultant and everything can be done over the phone or internet. We really almost don't have to leave our houses any more! [So yet another reason to have a pantry...]

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