Monday, October 22, 2007

Recent Pantry Press


I need to update my website also (desperately) but here is the latest:

• "Reads-On the Subject of Homes: Ten New Books Celebrate the Places Where We Live," by Barbara Ballinger, The Chicago Tribune, October 21, 2007
• "Pantries are Little Museums of Family Life," by Claire Whitcomb, The Orlando Sentinel, October 20, 2007 [As this article is with the Universal Press Syndicate, it has also appeared, so far, in The Chicago Tribune as "Behind Closed Doors: Pantries Let You Hide the Chaos," October 14, 2007 and in The Denver Post as "The Return of the Pantry," October 3, 2007]
• "The Victorian Pantry," p. 48, Country Victorian [Winter 2008: Harris Publications] You can find this magazine on newsstands every where (sorry, no website link).

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