Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Raining!

National weather map at 4:30pm EST - October 7, 2008 (Note large yellow blob in central Kentucky! It's heading this way!)

This link might change (at least the image above is fixed) but Weather.com says we're poised for the most rain in the southeast since Tropical Storm Fay. Problem is, the remnants of that storm went to the left of us (west) and the hurricane off the southeast coast went to the right (east) so we haven't had a drop since late August and even then it was minimal. Well, no actually, we had a few drops in Casey County on my way home from Chicago a few weeks ago--and I mean a few. [You know that big splotchy kind that fall for a minute and then make dried dust polka dots all over your vehicle? Down here, by the way, they say VEE-icle instead of car.]

I've never experienced drought conditions before. The boys, who are on October break this week, and my husband have been haying. It is a futile attempt to get a last crop of hay which turns to chaff when they mow it. But the fields need to be mowed off before spring, regardless. We often keep the windows closed just to avoid the dust that kicks up outside and the cars need to be hosed off once a day, especially if we take them on any dirt roads (which are actually finished with crushed limestone).

You know that feeling you get before a big blizzard or major storm event? Well, that is how it feels around here. I feel like hunkering in tomorrow, doing some more canning, and more unpacking. I was actually getting tired of hot sunny days. Besides, like Melville, I've always had "November in my soul."

Tomorrow I will post about how we're doing with our USE UP THE FREEZER MONTH vows, some recipes I've tried and also about that grape juice operation last week. We're enjoying fall and getting ready for winter and it feels productive in the midst of national news of gloom and doom.

Who needs the stock market when you can stock your own pantry?

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