Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Window on the Future

I haven't written as regularly as I might like but do want to welcome many new readers to In the Pantry--and to say thank you, also, to longtime readers and blog friends--and to thank you for your comments. It is gratifying to have a diverse group of people who read and follow my blog and want to add to the conversation. Please feel free at any time--there is no judgment here and I welcome a good dialogue or healthy debate. I try to avoid contentious topics but lately I've been feeling a bit riled up about all of the nasty politics and haven't been able to keep that to myself--I am looking forward to November 5, and with HOPE.

I currently have a "back blog" of topics: on quilt auctions and other local festivities, a special trip to Akron, making and canning grape juice, our "eat down the freezer" campaign (which really isn't working as much as I'd like as we keep adding to it!), more pantry stuff, and other goodies.

Please be patient with me and check back soon. One problem of blogging is that I'm part of several blogs now--one a book group blog at Cupcake Chronicles with two friends from New Hampshire (where I'm very behind in my reading and posting!) and the others of my own creation. But it is good fun and forum and I guess keeps me out of mischief. Yet at times it does keep me from other things--lately two friends in Kentucky and I have been bantering back and forth about blogs and their purpose. One has even suspended her blog and for that I am sorry but I can understand her reasons.

I'm also anxious while hoping for a needed change and turnaround for this great country of ours. I don't know about you but I'm tired of the nasty and vitriolic political sniping. I don't want to hear about the inadequacies or perceived and greatly spun and distorted negative aspects of someone else -- I want to know about what's ahead for our future. I want a clear and intelligent visionary who will galvanize Washington and also our country. This has been on my mind a lot as I know Obama is the right choice. However I fear, and know from first-hand interactions, that many--out of ignorance or bigotry or religious preference--see Obama differently for the wrong reasons.

On the flip side of all of that, I look for silver linings. Perhaps the silver lining to this economic crisis is that it is a reality check for all of us. We need to look at what is good and well in our lives and improve on or slough away the bad. For my family, moving to south central rural America was a start in this direction. Forget "small town values"--try rural reality. I want a full pantry for the right reasons--to feed my family--and not because we have hard times coming. But if they are, we are prepared to meet them as we know what is important and we know we are now better poised to live a sustainable lifestyle.

In the meantime, Happy Harvest and Halloween! I'll try to write more again soon.


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Carolyne said...

I for one, am thrilled that you are speaking your thoughts and using your articulate voice to share some common sense with the blog world.
Bless you!