Friday, July 6, 2007

New Look ~ Clean Slate

Apologies for any visual realignments but I felt I needed a different look for this blog, especially one that would have more room for larger photographs. Oddly, the wallpaper background of the blog template is similar to that in our own pantries.

Of course, I realize, too late, that many additions that I made to my other blog are now gone (links etc.) so I will restore as much of that as I can soon. But many of those links are also at my website at

And this is meant to be a BLOG and I need to do that more frequently. Right now I'm just upset that my squash plants have been sitting in the garden (in the same size as just after they germinated!) for a month it seems...and I was so excited about that new delivery of rotted compost! Last week I put on a feed of Cock-a-Doodle-Doo as a top dressing but the heavy layer of "moo doo" beneath it should be doing the trick. Meanwhile, my container plants (mostly flowers) are thriving, except for the sunflowers which have been eaten down (and out) by some critter.

Things have been busy with press interest in THE PANTRY book. Summer is here and that is always good.

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Clare said...

I think I will try to get a copy of your book here in England. Your photos of the robins in the nest took me back to May 2003 when we stayed in Southern Vermont. The B&B had a lovely porch wrapped around it and a robin had built a nest in a wickerwork heart that hung there. We enjoyed watching them very much. Hopefully we'll visit New England again - such a truly beautiful place and wonderful people! Clare x