Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thank you!

Today it is raining and quite tropical in southwestern New Hampshire. It has been a cool summer, with mostly dry, warm (and sometimes hot) days, and just enough rain to keep from having to water regularly. Today is the perfect day for a blog or two and lacking anything substantial of my own to say, I did want to pause and say thank you: to all of the readers of THE PANTRY and to those who have taken the time to find and read this blog, or to return to it, or to e-mail me directly on my website.

I'm glad the book is finding readers who share my enthusiasms for pantries and kitchens and domestic history. I will continue to post press updates from the media on my website at (with links to reviews and articles whenever possible) and places where I will be appearing.

I was just notified that the book was accepted for the Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort on November 10, where I will be for the day. There will also be a feature article on THE PANTRY in the upcoming NEW HAMPSHIRE MAGAZINE (September), and there was a review of the book in the August 2007 issues of OLD-HOUSE INTERIORS and ROMANTIC HOMES, both on newsstands now.

I continue to look for pantry references in literature and non-fiction, in advertisements and vintage images. Call it an obsession, perhaps, but clearly the writing of the book has not ended my interest in pantries. I am currently developing a series of lectures to take on the road to historical societies and other organizations about the domestic history of kitchens and pantries in America. More information will be posted on my website this fall.

Many are asking "what's next?" I'm not certain of that myself--and sometimes that is part of the fun. I do know after a summer of enjoying a lot of time with my family and in the garden and piles of reading (and doing pantry-related press), that I will be ready for a more structured fall and winter. I'll keep you posted.

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