Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cupcakes Turn Two!

Some of my readers–old and new–might not be aware that for two years I have been a "Cupcake" since forming a book group–actual and virtual–with two dear friends (and several "groupies," for lack of a better word) back in New Hampshire. Lately we've been a bit stagnant in our collective reading or at least not taking much time to comment about it at our blog Cupcake Chronicles (which is actually TalkingCupcakes.blogspot.com because "Cupcake Chronicles" was already taken). However, it is summer and life happens and sometimes we just lose steam.

I don't know what I'd do without these two friends of mine. We became a collective of friends because of The Pantry and because of Edie: I had met Edie through the school our boys attended and she introduced me to "Peaches," who has the best historic and operational pantries ever (plural) and that because of her generosity are in my book. They've also been with me through a lot of transition and turmoil, as well as great times, and their collective friendship, humor and love of books (and food) is so important to me in my individual journey. We talk or email about everything and no subject is off limits. We have even taken two "field trips" together (in Akron, Ohio and Asheville, North Carolina). I've said it before but when someone "gets you" and loves you–lumps, bumps and all–that is a precious gift, indeed. PHOTO: The leftover German Chocolate cupcakes made by "Peaches" for another event were what prompted the name for our book club and website at our first meeting of the "Talking Cupcakes" at Edie's on August 17, 2007, for which we read novels by Julia Glass.

Yesterday, August 17, was our two-year anniversary as a book group and today, as it turns out, is National Cupcake Day (although there might be a bit of discrepancy about that). So have a cupcake with someone you love and read a good book while you're at it. If you want to follow along with our books from the past two years–and future (although we are presently reevaluating that future as a group)–please join us at Cupcake Chronicles. (We even post the occasional silly item or recipe.)

In sum, maybe you can help make our "terrible twos" not so "terrible." (I almost want to plead, like Peter Pan did with his audience to save Tinkerbelle, "if you believe in Cupcakes, read our blog!")

In the meantime, Happy Birthday to the Cupcakes!



a Cupcake near you! said...

Thanks for the lovely blog on such a noteworthy day! And what fun to see this photograph again. Two years and we've really done a lot -- individually and together. The Cupcakes have become so much more than a book group and it has been such fun. Let's have a birthday party next time we're all in the same state, but meanwhile, it's blog-a-rama. Lots of love, Edie

a Cupcake near you! said...

Yes, I agree Edie. We are a force to be reckoned with--as a collective and individually.


Love always, Catherine

AC said...

I hope you continue. I would love to be part of a good book group, and following one online would be the next best thing.

an encourager said...

Like Peter Pan, I won't grow up...without eating cupcakes!!!

darnold23 said...

I would like to invite you to join me at diningwithdebbie.blogspot.com for Crock Pot Wednesday. Mister Linky will be up on Tuesday for your link. Happy celebration, Cupcake! Thanks for posting.