Friday, August 7, 2009

Stew "the Rock"–ACTION COCKEREL!

He primps,
he pimps,
he preens.

He's Stew Standish, Plymouth Barred Rock Rooster of Hickory Nut Ridge.

"So, ladies, beak to beak here, do you think it was because I told her she was a good lay?"

"Now if this doesn't do it for 'ya...

...maybe this will!"

Why did the chicken cross the yard?
'Cause he's Free-Range Stew Standish,
Rooster-about-the-Ridge, that's why!

"The Rock" of the Walk

"Hey, now this ought to give you something to cluck about, home girls!"

"I've gotta crow!
I'm just the cleverest fellow
'twas ever my fortune to know..."

Stew Standish, Barred Rock Rooster, somewhere on a ridge in Kentucky.
Chicken Express cardholder: 5 months.
Average number of "crows" per day: 47.
Number in hen harem: 30.
Days in the field: possibly numbered.
Uninhibited chicken fornication? Priceless.


Crystal Mudgett-Epley said...

Love it! Farming can be quite "eye opening" when it comes to the birds & the bees. And kids ask the funniest questions about it. Thought about a website that charges for such stuff, but that would probably just be wrong.

On a different note, the Barred Rock roosters we had got MEAN!!! So stew might just end up stew sooner rather than later. Ours would get our youngest daughter cornered outside and start flogging her. Needless to say, he isn't hanging around here anymore!

a Cupcake near you! said...

Catherine, this is hilarious! I'll have to forward it to Bertha. She keeps a close eye on her hens but she's never been one to pass up a date with a good looking rooster. Looks like there's all kinds of rockin' going on in Kentucky!


Catherine said...

Thanks ~ yes, Crystal, a great introduction to the birds and the bees, that's for certain. I love this guy and so far so good on the "attacks," hen or human. But yes, if he gets a bit too territorial then he'll live up to his name in a hurry.

Peaches, I hope Bertha's been staying close to the hen house these days. It's a crazy world for single middle-aged women out there!

Catherine said...

PS I was going to put "Action Cock" in the title/heading but figured I'd probably alienate about 99% of my readership who are far more pious and pure than I. However, it would have been the correct word usage.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I saw your book profiled on Aunt ruthie's and I ahd to come over and say "hello"! Best of luck with it! It sounds like a delightful book!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

OMG ROFLOL!!!! Stew Standish is quite handsome!! He would surely turn my head.....watching so that he didn't flog me that is. He is very pretty!!

About the birds-n-the bees...I had a couple neighbor children here yesterday and they were letting me know that they saw my 2 baby buck goats "Playing piggy-back"...What do ya say to that one but "Yeah that's their favorite game right now'!!!

I have your book and just love it. My daughters and I just dream of our own pantry someday too! I have to settle for a really great root cellar for now!!

Can't wait to read the rest of your blog. I found you thru Aunt Ruthie and I am glad that I did!!!