Thursday, September 6, 2007

Boys, Trucks and Yard Sales

Dick Kemp's Mack museum in Hillsborough, NH

On the way home from the Hopkinton Fair on Sunday we stopped at a yard sale that we'd missed on the way in. Held in and outside of a large old red New England barn in Contoocook (that's with an emphasis on the second syllable), Woody Roberts has these large barn sales on each holiday weekend of the summer season. We had never been.



We weren't there long when Charlie, Judy and Cody drove in the drive. It soon became an old Home Day of sorts as Charlie knew Woody and Sheldon Rich, who, as it turns out, was an old acquaintance of Temple's, too.

Naughty Judy and the Limericks

Judy and I browsed and I picked up a few old magazines and she got a book of naughty limericks (some of which go back several centuries). Judy can be a bad influence on me--earlier at the fair we got temporary tattoos.


I won't tell you where mine is but hers is on her ankle (we wanted to stir up friends at the Labor Day cookout the next day but only one bought it--for a moment). Needless to say, it was a lot of fun but I've never blushed so much in my life.

Judy found this great ad, so appropriate to the day (but we didn't buy it--good girls)

A tag on an old Hoosier in the barn (another "no buy" as there's "no room")

Sheldon Rich

Henry in rapt attention listening to the conversation

A bunch of old guys sitting around talking


My husband loves to visit and share stories




After our stop at the yard sale, the boys wanted to drive by Dick Kemp's Mack museum in Hillsborough, and have a look. Dick, another mutual friend of Charlie and Temple's, has been in the hospital and we wish him a full recovery. He has collected old vehicles for years and has an outdoor truck museum of sorts. I've discovered boys (and their dads) love "tired iron" so I've learned to live with this and even have come to appreciate "the machine in the garden" aspect of our lives.

Boys Love Trucks~Charlie and his grandson Cody

Charlie is a Sterling Truck collector and has one of the largest collections in the country of Sterling-related ephemera. On his 60th birthday this spring, Judy had a Sterling-themed party and invited some of his Sterling friends from all over the country.

We all headed home with a stop at Tenney Farms for ice cream. A perfect ending to a perfect day.


Anonymous said...

I finished "The Pantry" last night and LOVED it. It's a beautiful book and you did a wonderful job. The photographs are perfect. That double pantry kitchen....if I could have that house, I wouldn't ask for anything in this life EVER again!! :)
joanna in ca.

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