Wednesday, September 19, 2007

TV Land

What has happened to this month?? I can't believe it is already September 19 and soon to be officially autumn, even though the days in New England have been fall-like for a while now. I have been busy getting the boys back to school and trying to get back on track with work and writing from my home office (while trying to pack for our new home in Kentucky). Summer was long enough and now that the transition is over, I'm glad that the days are shortening and I can hunker down and focus more inwardly and work on some new writing projects and other lingering things.

Yesterday I was interviewed for HouseSmarts™ with Lou Manfredini, a syndicated home design program. One regular segment is The Bookshelf, a several minute interview with a design book author. I was honored to be selected, although a bit nervous (more excited than anxious) about being on television. Fortunately, it was a taped segment that will be edited.

I have never actually seen the program but just discovered via our Direct TV search function that HouseSmarts™ will be on WBZ-Boston (Channel 4) out of Boston on September 29 at 5:30am (but not the episode I just taped). I understand the program is in 60% of the cable market nationwide and also on stations like WNBC in New York.

My husband and I drove down to southern New York and stayed just north of the New Jersey town where the production company tapes many of the segments. Lou Manfredini, a likable guy from Chicago who runs his own hardware business and is a contractor (and has written a series of books), flew in for several days of taping. The program will air sometime in December and I'll try to post the information here and on my website well in advance [my website is already out of date, so stay with me...]. Eventually you will be able to click on the segment via the HouseSmarts™ website.

Fortunately, I was happy with my outfit--as were they--but brought an additional one at their request, just in case. [You certainly don't want to clash with the set or the host!] A silk Italian scarf from Coldwater Creek was a great purchase last week and fortunately everyone agreed. [Sorry, from the looks of their website, I may have bought the last one. Anyway, I can't say enough great things about this clothing company.] And I wore pantyhose...the first time in years (but I'll spare you those details).

Perhaps the best part was having my hair "done" (and it held its shape and curl for hours because of whatever was glopped in and sprayed on) and the entire makeup/dress up. I had just bought some great mineral-based product at my trusty beauty spa at home, just in case (another thing I hardly ever wear--except lipstick) [Thank you to the amazing Sandy at European Esthetics and Jane Iredale cosmetics.]

However, I was needlessly self-armed as TV requires the full artillery unit. I was air brushed with foundation (literally sprayed on), eyes done, blush, lips. When I was "ready for my close-up" I was brought into the set, had a nice chat with the host (whom I hadn't yet met), and perched on a stool. Oh yes, and wired with a mike, further fluffed and untousled and arranged (and believe me, tousled is my usual get-up). The makeup woman even dabbed my brow when I started to bead up just a bit. [Fortunately the set was cool.]

Amazing, too, were the amount of people involved. There was a set decorator whose primary concern that day seemed to be arranging each author's book on the table for each segment (four authors were taped). A clothing stylist. A director and assistant director. Several camera men. The producer, who booked me for the segment. Another woman who seemed like an apprentice. And the host.

Everyone put me at ease, we were able to banter and talk before the taping began, and during the interview we spoke conversationally. It was over in a few minutes and we were on our way back home. I don't know if I'll be able to watch the segment when it comes out as I don't like to be photographed. But we'll see. Of course, we barely even touched on the book and I don't recall anything I said! But it was great fun all the same.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the show!

Don't you wish we had all those set people in our daily lives brushing and fluffing and dabbing away so we were always at our best?

Your pal, Peaches.

Ginnie said...

Hi - read the review in the Chicago Trib a couple of weeks ago, so have read your book and enjoyed it (and so found your blog). We get HouseSmarts on Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. on the NBC station in Chicago, and they mentioned this week that your book will be on next week's show (Nov. 17).