Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Chef's Table ~ Raiding the Pantry

Another programming note. A Chef's Table's "Raiding the Pantry" program aired on September 15 at noon on WHYY, Channel 91 FM. I believe this is a syndicated program on National Public Radio--for someone who probably listens to too much radio and watches too much television you think I would know these things! I do know of one person who heard it live because they told my husband (at our town dump, of course, our friendly source of all local information) about it the day after I learned the program had been aired.

I will eventually link this program to my website and have just linked in the blog in the upper left column. Click on that link and just scroll down to the 9-15-07 program details and click on "Listen" (you will need RealPlayer™). I'd love to hear your thoughts.

My interview with Chef Jim Coleman, recorded in August, is about ten minutes long and leads off a program on what's in different chef's pantries. We spoke about the history of pantries in fairly good detail as well as a few of my own pantry memories (and there are many but for some reason I chose to talk about my mother's broom closet in the small, pink, post-War kitchen on Ayers Avenue in Akron, Ohio where I grew up).

It was also interesting because the program's producer, Lari Robling, is also originally from Akron, Ohio and has published a wonderful cookbook, Endangered Recipes, that I bought a few years ago. I liked it so much that I sent her a fan letter (well, a fan e-mail). It was then that we learned of our "Akron connection" and she said to let her know when The Pantry was out. So I did and she kindly booked me on this program. [We also recorded two additional pantry-related segments that may air on later shows. I'll keep you posted.]

I've decided I love radio: no pantyhose or make-up necessary. Ok, enough about me. As I've been too busy to get recent publicity updates to Ronald for my website, you have to suffer through all of this self-promotional blather from time to time. Back to canning tomato sauce and helping the boys get back into their homework! And I can't wait to make Chef Jim's Gingered Jalapeno Orange Cranberry Relish for Thanksgiving this year.

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Look forward to the airing of this program. Meanwhile, got to listen to you on the WHYY radio program at -- great piece!